Results vs quality of teaching- Part 1: the case of Miss M


This post is a result of Twitter discussions.

Whenever I consider which is more important I always think of a specific teacher I used to teach with. This post will outline her teaching.

I will call her Miss M.

She taught a subject that was and is 100% coursework (my views on that in another post!).

If you walked past her classroom you would see the following: she would be sat at her desk at the front, usually on her computer, usually drinking a cup of tea. Occasionally she would ‘bark’ at the students things like ‘get on with your work!’ Or ‘it’s your grade not mine, I’ve already got my qualifications!’.

In five years I NEVER ever saw her standing in front of her class to describe or explain a thing. I never ever saw anything other than students sat at their computer, looking forward and typing. There was…

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