Grade C isn’t the golden ticket


Recently I have found myself having one discussion repeated again and again, and it goes a little like this:

“Sir, why was I told I only needed a C in Maths at GCSE but now I’m applying for unis I need a B?”

“I never said that, and I’m pretty sure none of the rest of the department said that either.”

“No, but you’re maths teachers, it’s the whole world ain’t it. It’s all about A* to C. As long as you get a C in Maths and English you’re fine!”

Now I know for a fact that no maths teachers still at our school perpetuated this myth, and I would like to think that none of our former colleagues would have. I’m also pretty certain that none of our colleagues in other departments would. So it leaves us with the clear fact that the source of this feeling is…

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