Letter from a Professional Part 3: Teaching and Professionalism

Scenes From The Battleground

In this post I will consider how the points from the previous 2 posts (here and here) relate to teaching. I have discussed professionalism in teaching before but my views have changed somewhat since then.

The extent to which teaching counts as a profession is something that is a source of some controversy. However, it tends to focus on professional qualifications and how the profession is regulated and not on professional ethics.

Recent controversy has centred on the freedoms given to free schools to hire teachers without QTS status. That controversy tends to centre on a central unresolved dilemma in education, namely the relative importance to teaching of subject knowledge and knowledge of teaching. Teachers do have professional qualifications, i.e. those that grant QTS status. However these are often short courses, mainly assessed in the workplace, without a clear body of professional knowledge to be learnt and no…

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