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Making Learners Extraordinary ™

I am sat at the back of Virginia George’s classroom in the Jose Manuel Garcia Rodriguez Memorial International School in Baichek, UA.

“I want you to think about how you could get that heavy chest from one side of the ThinkLab™ to the other,” She tells her group of smiling sixth graders.

They all know the score! Each child turns to their thinking collaborators for a quick discussion. This is not the hard part and the students know it. After a short time, they use their elbows to indicate that they are ready to contribute.

“Okay, wow!” Exclaims Virginia George, “You guys are fast! Now, tell me your answer. Kelly?”

A little blond girl with plaits confidently states her solution, “We think that Gerry and Khaim and I can do it if we co-operate.”

“Hey, that’s great,” Says Virginia George. We are now about to witness the pivotal moment…

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