What I Learned From Writing About Exams….

Laura McInerney

In last month’s Guardian column I made a plea for better whistleblowing procedures around school examinations and coursework. The piece was inspired by the number of politicianss I’ve heard saying that getting rid of coursework will restore rigour. Thing is, teachers can – and do – cheat in exams. And if you really want to improve coursework rigour, there are other places to start.

Before publication I genuinely did not think the piece would be controversial. I thought the points I made were reasonably self-evident. Boy, was I wrong.

Things I Learned From the Exams Piece:

1) Lots of teachers get mad when you suggest any of them are doing less than a perfect job.

Initial tweets and comments about the piece veered from disbelief to abuse. Commentors who thought I’d only ever taught at Waterloo Road clearly missed my bio line. On the upside, my Twitter DM box &…

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