Drills, skills and being match-fit.


This term I’ve been thinking a lot about how well I’m teaching in terms of ensuring my students have clear solid foundations of concrete knowledge alongside the ability to cope with complex problems, to work things out for themselves and to show some flair.

A number of things have influenced my thinking on this issue:

The debate about knowledge and skills.  I’ve had lots of discussions about this, engaged with the Daisy Christodoulou ‘Myths’ as in this review post, and reflected a lot about whether I should engage in more direct transmission modes.  I feel that sometimes, whilst I deliver engaging lessons that fuel curiosity and allow for exploration and thinking, I need to cut to the chase more quickly…tell them the key points, nail down the facts, give it to them straight. It’s a balance.. I’m not sure I’ve had it quite right.

Some superb blog posts:

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