Stack of Marking

Man, I am tired.

Even my eyebrows are tired.

I think my feet are still attached to my legs but that’s only because there’s an ill-defined dull ache down there in the general vicinity of where they’re supposed to be. My throat feels like I’ve smoked a packet of gravel and washed it down with a pint of sharpened Lego bricks and if there was an award for tiredness, I’d be unable to attend my own prize-giving due to the fact that they’d be no sodding way I was going up those stairs to the podium.

Alright, I’m not shouldering packing crates or swinging a pneumatic drill about but there is a physicality to the job as well as a cerebral side. 2 hours at a time on your feet, great dollops of talk, flying from classroom to classroom, strutting around when you’re in there – it all adds up…

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