On cheating: in coursework and exams

Laura McInerney

By PaulyMy Guardian piece this month is on cheating and the temptation teachers face in both coursework and the exam hall to bend the rules.

Despite what the commenters think, none of this is based in fantasy. I haven’t even used the most egregious examples. As another commenter pointed out, what happens in some places is far worse.

I’m also not saying that cheating is widespread, justifiable or ‘allowed’. What I was pointing out is that:

(a) the exam boards do not always help teachers make good decisions, and

(b) if you do find yourself in a situation where you want to whistleblow (as this commenter did) then it is not straightforward. The processes are often hidden and even now I have no idea what assurances would be given – either to students grades, my anonymity, people’s jobs.

That so many people have reacted with a chorus of “this…

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