Welcome to their field of dreams. A responsibility and a privilege

The Grinch Manifesto

My open letter to the B Ed Primary Students & Trainee Teachers beginning their course in Plymouth this week:

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Some of you are here straight from school, some of you have changed careers or raised families. Congratulations on earning the privilege of writing a new chapter of your life story.

Today is the first day that you shoulder the dreams of others. In the first 10 years of your career you will hold in your hands the futures of 300 tiny lives. With each of those tiny lives comes the dreams of their parents and grandparents – you hold them all , 1000 of them, in your hands, right now.

Today and every day for the next three years, every decision you make about your studies and training has an impact on all those people.

Today and every day…

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