Shocking News: Labour activist (and NUT member) criticises Michael Gove

Scenes From The Battleground

I’ve hesitated about blogging about this, because it does amount to looking a gift horse in the mouth. I am grateful when my blog gets publicity in the press, and the Times has never mentioned me since I ranted about their article  suggesting I was oppressing women. So I’m not trying to have a go here, but I found the following article in the Guardian curious:

Guardian 001

It is great to see my opinions getting media coverage, particularly as I’m usually only acknowledged for agreeing with Gove. I am tempted to be grateful for the possible gain in street cred it might give me to be recognised as a Gove critic. However, one of my pet peeves in blogging are articles that follow a structure of saying “I hate Gove for being a git, but….” before acknowledging something he has got right. Partly because I am not keen on personal attacks…

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