ResearchED: What works? Where do you start? or Best Practice, the enemy of Research

The Grinch Manifesto

Research is a complex business, it is also sometimes an end in its own right, I was lucky enough to attend

the BERA Conference in 2013.  Which was an excellent event where I learned lots.  I was however concerned at the number of people presenting there who appeared to view that as the end of the process.  The fault in the academic game is that we as academics have become connoisseurs of the research paper, rather than consumers of the knowledge within it and with no real thought about the impact of their research in the wider community.

I am also minded of a colleague of mine in Plymouth, Peter Kelly who talked about the idea that research isn’t a thing, an object to be venerated, it is a disposition, a state of mind.

So I thought I would summarise the key items that a teacher ought to…

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