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The Grinch Manifesto

The conference has prompted me to think some new stuff and think some stuff again:researchED

  1. Random Control Trials are possibly part of the rich blend of instruments we can use in education reseach.  There are dilemmas about when it is appropriate to use them, for example establishing the impact of two different science schemes is one thing, but the concept of using a trial where one group get something that probably will make an improvement and one don’t is troubling.  Because it effectively says that it’s ok to penalise one group of kids for the greater good of “proving” it works.
  2. John Tomsett’s concept of “educated instincts” is valid and means that if on the balance of probablities an intervention is likely to have an impact, then there would have to be a compelling business case to justify the perpetration of an RCT upon the children.
  3. Stephen Lockyer has a…

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