Empowered and Free? Not me, Mr Gove!


Party Faithful Attend The Annual Conservative Party Conference

Michael Gove delivered a speech at The Policy Exchange, London yesterday (5th September), in which he championed both teachers and teaching. For a short while afterwards I felt a nice, warm glow of something approaching relief. I think there are large parts of that speech which give teachers real reason to be delighted. For example,

 ‘…It is because the teaching profession is so crucial that our programme of education reform has been designed to empower teachers; to give them more freedom, more power and more prestige’

Freedom, power and prestige? Well, some level of freedom would be a fabulous start. It does seem there is a real push to give teachers more autonomy over what they do: to remove the peripheral nonsense that has dragged us down for years. A chance, then, for us to focus on what works best for us, as individuals. If the pupils are learning, that’s…

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One Response to Empowered and Free? Not me, Mr Gove!

  1. A heartfelt blog post which summarises how so many of us feel.

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