Learning through play


After failing abysmally to keep up with #ukedchat on twitter, I thought I would write here what I should have wrote there.

Learning through play sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? It works so well in the EYFS/KS1 bracket, it’s a shame that it isn’t more widely used in the higher age ranges, isn’t it?

Well, that depends.

I trained, many moons ago, as a Playworker. With a capital P. So I can only answer questions about play from that, slightly altered perspective.

First things first, what is play? Bob Hughes is a good place to start; this is from his book, “Evolutionary playwork and reflective analytic practice”:

“According to the literature, behaviour has to satisfy several of the following criteria to be play. It has to:
– be spontaneous (Patrick, 1914)
– be first-hand experience and include struggle, manipulation, exploration, discovery and practice (Bruce, 1994)
– be goalless – it is…

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