A Defence of AfL

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If you play a word association game with most teachers (something akin to “Mallet’s Mallet”) and say the word “assessment”, what is the word most commonly returned? I would hazard a few answers here, but in my experience, it’s “test”. For me, this uncovers a fundamental misunderstanding of what Assessment for Learning IS and how it manifests itself in our classrooms. This blog is a response to the, as ever, excellent, blogging of David Didau @LearningSpy and his most recent piece regarding the efficacy of AfL, “Chasing our tails – is AfL all it’s cracked up to be?“. Read it, if you haven’t already, it’ll make you think about some of the furniture of the last ten years of CPD in a different way, in fact read all of David’s blogs over this weekend, they’ll fill you full of ideas right when you need them before going back…

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