‘What works is what’s good’ Wilshaw


Heather Leatt did a great job of highlighting the revisions to the Ofsted School Inspection Handbook:  www.heatherleatt.co.uk/ofsted-school-inspection-handbook-september-2013/#  It has prompted these observations. 

Teaching styles

There have been a number of comments from colleagues that Ofsted inspectors expect to see certain styles of teaching. This is not the case. Inspectors have been told for some time not to privilege one style of teaching over another. This is now made clear in the revised document. Sir Michael Wilshaw also talked about what makes a good teacher in his 2012 RSA speech.  

There is an interesting section in Ofsted’s ‘Moving English Forward 2012’. It is the summary document for English.  www.ofsted.gov.uk/resources/moving-english-forwardIt also contains some generic observations about teaching and learning. It found that the effectiveness of learning in some lessons was limited by common misconceptions about what constitutes good teaching and learning. These include:

An inflexible approach to planning lessons

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