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There was a little discussion recently on Twitter (not involving me as far as I remember) about the importance of “caring” for one’s students, and a little discussion of what that meant. It may seem a little bit of a trivial subject, of course teachers should care, but there are a few issues here and a few possible attitudes here, some of which I’ve touched on before, some of which I’ve reflected on in the last few days.

I think the first thing to reflect on is why a lot of teachers (by which I mean me) have some cynicism about talk of caring. Sometimes (not, I hasten to add, in the discussion mentioned earlier) it is fake and is used as a cover for the worst possible attitudes. It’s often part of the vocabulary of those who think teaching is all about the present relationship with the student rather…

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  1. Andy Knill says:

    Caring is an individualised term. Be it acting as a parent during the school day, lending a listening ear, acting as a sounding board for ideas, passing information and concerns onto other professionals, providing a haven at times of stress.
    I have often been accused in my career of caring too much and it has had a detrimental impact on my own health at times. However, I teach the whole child not just a physical body in my classroom. I am a parent of two children with a number of co-morbid conditions that affect their ability to learn effectively. I look to support students who find themselves in the same situation. Does this make me the best of teachers? No, to be honest at times it prevents that, but, I believe it has developed my role to be more than “just teacher” for some individuals within my school. Teaching comes in many forms just like students do, let’s acknowledge that there is a place for differences and celebrate that within our communities.

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