How can we create great school ethos?

Joe Kirby

Create a summer school with practice routines to automate good habits.


‘Habits are like a cable; we weave a strand every day, and soon it cannot be broken’.

Horace Mann, 1848


‘All our life is but a mass of habits’

William James, 1892


Ever since my Dad gave me a copy of Covey’s 7 Habits when I was 15, I’ve been fascinated in how habits work. I’ve found habits to be cyclical: at times, I’m in a good routine: get to sleep early, wake up early, do some exercise, feel a bit better all day, eat healthier; this leads to a positive spiral where I sleep better that night, wake up feeling better, go and do some more exercise – an upward spiral. At other times, I’m stuck in a rut; getting to sleep brutally late, waking up feeling sluggish, not feeling like exercising, eating unhealthily; this…

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