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Apparently, if you’re blogging about education then you are contractually obliged, at some point, to blog about Twitter. It’s in the Twitter terms and conditions just after the ‘Your soul is ours forever more’ stuff in the 7th paragraph.

Anyway, I thought I’d get mine out of the way as I don’t want the Twitter police waving their big batons in my face and blinding me with the pepper-spray for non-conformity. Because they do that.

Like a lot of people, I’ve had a couple of goes at Twitter. The first time I stopped after two weeks due to the fact that it seemed to be full of self-publicising, self-aggrandising snake-oil merchants who screamed the most pedestrian achievements from the rooftops.

(That’s not you of course. You do not fall foul of any of those particular traits and have proved yourself of worthy character and exceptional taste by reading this particular…

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