Surviving outside the classroom

red or green pen?

I loved sparklyfran‘s post on Things she wishes she’d known pre Teach First. In particular, it reminded me of how much happens outside your classroom that you’re not prepared for. So in a very similar vein, here is my list o’ tips. Take from it what you will…

  1. Make friends with repro! And IT support! And reception! Just be nice. Spend an extra couple of minutes talking about football when your photocopying’s being done rather than rushing off. It’ll pay dividends. There’s remarkable correlation between buying wine for Mr Reprographics at Christmas and getting your card sort guillotined and enveloped up for you during Ofsted.
  2. Don’t talk shop in public places. Little Johnny’s parent could be sitting right behind you on that bus.
  3. Stay on top of the little things that make you look in control even when everything’s crazy. Check you buttoned your shirt up right. Reply…

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