Performance Related Pay: Be Sure the Behaviour Nut’s Cracked!


There is never a dull moment for teachers these days! No sooner have we adjusted (or not) to the ramifications of Gove’s new knowledge-based curriculum and its bounteous feast of learning opportunities, but now the menacing spectre of the dreaded ‘performance-related pay’ has loomed upon us like The Ghost of Christmas yet to come.

On the surface, this sounds like a reasonable plan. Reward the best teachers, pay the best more. Seems perfectly sensible and logical. The trouble is that it’ll be down to human beings to judge who is worthy and who is not. Human beings are a notoriously subjective bunch. For example, I think that David Bowie is crap. I note that many of my species disagree.

On Thursday 18th April The Guardian published the results of their ‘Teacher Network Survey’ which was carried out last month. One participant (unnamed) had this to say:

“Performance-related pay has encouraged further…

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