Scepticism not cynicism: what made my teacher training so good?

Clio et cetera

Having poked my head into the world of blogs and Twitter over this last year the thing that has surprised me most is how negative many teachers are about their initial training. Regardless of route, whether it be Teach First, SCITT or PGCE, I have heard many repeat their anger at the ‘lies’ they were taught on their training. The reason this surprised me was that my experience of training was quite the opposite, and this has caused me to reflect on what it was about my training that differed from what I hear elsewhere. In this post I want to tease out some things that made my training so good, and offer these as a counterpoint to the otherwise seemingly endless tirade of abuse that teacher training courses seem to receive.

(1) It was subject specific

Most of the time when we were not in school was spent in…

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