Stack of Marking

I used to treat lesson planning like I was packing for my holidays. Little care and attention to neatness but loads of…stuff. Whether it was needed or not I’d use all my will to get a seemingly endless amount of material into a distinctly finite amount of space:

Grammar starters in the airline approved see-through plastic bag? GET IN THERE!

Handy individual sachet of  extension exercises? PUSH IT WITH YOUR FEEEEEET!

If there was an iota of unused air I was there stuffing it with another mini-activity or lesson objective. Because you never know when you’re going to need a spare lesson objective. I mean, it might rain or something.

I would pack that lesson plan full of sweet, sweet learning then sit on the bugger whilst I did the zip on it. Come lesson time I’d wheel the thing into the classroom, pull the zip like a ripcord then sit back and…

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