Some knowledge-skills interplay.


This is a bit of a stream of consciousness post…I’m just throwing out thoughts that I have on this issue in an unstructured manner.

Here’s a Quick Quiz starter to warm you up:

  • What is the capital of Equatorial Guinea?
  • What is the highest flow rate of the Zambezi River?
  • Name five members of the Shadow Cabinet  in 1958
  • How many prime numbers lie between 101 and 1001?
  • By what other name is the classic short story ‘Skirmish’ by Clifford Simak known?
  • What is the key molecular structural difference between a gel and a foam?
  • Which Battalion in the Crimean War suffered the greatest losses?
  • What, in detail, were the key reforms sought by the Anti-Corn Law League formed in 1838?
  • Who won the FA Cup in 1891?
  • What is the value of the Electric Permittivity of Free Space?
  • What happens to Sam in ‘The Fear’ by Charlie Higson?
  • Berapa…

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