The Great Knowledge vs Skills (Non?)Debate?

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I’m wondering if I’m alone at the moment. It’s not an existential question. I’m just considering a flurry of recent, very well written, researched and considered blog posts around both sides of a debate that appears to exist but that I’ve never come across anywhere else other than Twitter. The many, again excellent, accounts of the festival of education provided enough different views of the debate between Guy Claxton and Daisy Christodoulou to at least attempt to piece together the thread that exists commonly outside the observer bias. The assertion that “knowledge is important” appeared to be a statement that both of these luminaries could agree on.

I think the majority of teachers agree on this.

I’m wondering if this is a non-debate.

I’m currently reading Daisy Christodoulou’s book, “Seven Myths About Education” (isn’t everyone!), and, so far she makes a very clear case for the reasons that certain fads…

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