TeachMeet: The Quickening

The Grinch Manifesto

Teachmeet and Twitter – I have heard some sensational claims made about the power of both. From ridiculous tweets begging teachers to show the power of Twitter by “retweeting” something, to many “TeachMeet changed my life” type blogs.

Lets get some terminology straight – Twitter is not powerful nor will it change people’s lives. The community using Twitter to discuss their interests has the agency, not the tool. TeachMeet itself has no agency, the agency resides in the community gathering to discuss their interests.
That said. The community of educators has grown, and with it friendships forged that will transcend the medium. As a consequence of connections I have made within the community of educators, I can count people from Kirklees, Lincolnshire, London, Manchester as friends. My son has been given gifts of Manchester City shirts & Reindeer mugs from Finland. My closest friend and colleague is only that because…

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