How can we improve our education system?

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“Our problems are man-made; therefore, they can be solved by man”

J.F. Kennedy


 “Our problems cannot be solved on the same level of thinking that created them”

Albert Einstein


Education reform is more like fixing a compass than a clock.

‘The world’s best-performing school systems make great teaching their “north star”. They have strategic and systematic approaches to attract, train and retain the most talented teachers.’


Great education systems focus on improving teaching quality

with great leadership, training, curricula and assessment.

The Destination: Excellence and Equity

In climbing the twin peaks of quality and equality, education in England has a steep ascent ahead. In world-class education systems, 90% of school leavers achieve good qualifications; in England today, it is 60%. In an equitable education systems, there is little gap between the poorer and wealthier pupils; in England, it is 26%. Nearly 50 per cent…

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