Blogs for the Week Ending 28th June

Please feel free to reblog this post on WordPress and to include @TheEchoChamber2 in your #ff’s on Twitter today.

These posts appeared on the Echo Chamber blog in the last 7 days:

If you have written an education blog this week which hasn’t been included above, please add a brief description and a link to the comments below. Do not worry whether it fits the general criteria for this site; the usual standards for inclusion don’t apply here. We particularly welcome posts that wouldn’t have been considered suitable for reblogging. As long as it’s an education blogpost from this week; isn’t actually illegal, and doesn’t cause us to fear for our safety, it will be included.

However,  I would ask is that you do your best to explain why people might want to read it; traffic from the comments has been very low and you cannot expect many people to follow a link with no explanation.  I would also ask that if you put your own link here, please take the time to look at other people’s links.


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