#OFSTED gets your blog more views


The anonymous education blogger @OldAndrew advises that putting ‘OFSTED’ in the title of your blog post helps attract views.

Not one to mess around, this is what I have now done, and to make things harder for myself I’ve limited it pretty much to OFSTED and blogging, but added a hash tag for twitter. And for good measure here is a hastily drawn visual of the 6 magical letters.

Why does this term attract so much attention, particularly amongst the education community in England?

We have a state schools inspectorate in England called Ofsted (in full, Office for Standards in Education) which is feared by many in the teaching profession and loved by politicians, parents and other external stakeholders. I’m not sure where students stand on it, but I suspect their views are mixed and possibly influenced by others.

Why the fear?

Because a 24-hour notice Ofsted snapshot inspection…

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