Things not to say to trainee teachers #2: “our children are well trained in card sorts”

red or green pen?

“Our children are well trained in card sorts”

Week five. I’m utterly exhausted. I’m caught in a lethal cycle of blaming my lesson planning for the bad behaviour, trying to make them more and more engaging, with the result that the children see my lessons as more and more of a joke.

I’m doing a good few card sorts a week. It was what we’d been told led to quality learning in training. I was killing myself with the late night guillotining and envelope stuffing. Then I’d go into the class and they’d be more interesting in using them as missiles than categorising.

I tried to convey this to the aforementioned professional mentor. He seemed a little disgusted with me.

“Our children do card sorts all the time”

That wasn’t true. Maybe he genuinely believed that. Maybe it genuinely seems like card sorts happen all the time when your job…

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