What do the kids actually see?

...to the real.

 I’ll show you.  I’m going to remind you what it’s like to be a child in a classroom; a maths classroom especially, but to some extent the same will be true for other classrooms.

To start, this is printed out on my classroom wall:


I love it.  It reminds me every day of how difficult it is for kids to decode and interpret what, to me, is as simple as reading ‘See Spot run.  Run, Spot, run!’  When I want to remind myself what it’s like for them, sometimes I harken back to my studies of relativistic quantum mechanics.  Why did I take this module at university?  Obviously because it sounded badass.  Before the exam came round, most in my cohort were smart enough to drop it like a startled squirrel dropping its nuts.  In my case I figured I never really ‘got it’ during lectures in any module…

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About Kris Boulton

Teach First 2011 maths teacher, focussed on curriculum design.
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