Let’s send academics back to school

For what it's worth

I am just back from an academic conference in Lisbon, hosted by CICE (Chidlren’s Identity and Citizenship Education) – a network of universities across Europe. I was very lucky to be there, for Lisbon is a beautiful city and I met several earnest and well-meaning researchers from whom I had much to learn. I was doubly lucky to be there, as the afternoon I flew out coincided with ‘the call’ from Ofsted. I was there at the invitation of London Met University, with whom I have been working this year one day a week.

Working with educational academics as I have done this year, I have come to respect their expertise. I value particularly the insights that can be afforded to those who have gained some distance from the classroom. Those of us who answer to the call of the school bell, whose planning for one lesson is trumped by…

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