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“Seh, seh, wheye joo tock funnee, lah-eecchchchchce” – Year 7 girl

Kids are just amazing. Like a Ford Transit, they come in all shapes and sizes, creeds and colours, backgrounds, identities and levels of charm and intelligence (maybe not my best analogy). But, no matter what their particular type or temperament, they all seem to love picking on the new teacher!

And do you know what, I think that’s amazing. It’s amazing that they are quick enough to have me (a sort-of-smart twenty something year old) lost for words – that doesn’t happen often. Today I had the singular experience of being lectured to about Dr Martin Luther King’s importance in the civil rights movement, by a skinny little 11 year old with wearing a Justin Bieber t-shirt! And I learned a TONNE! AND IT WAS RIGHT (I checked later).


There is no doubt in…

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