Day One!

Teachering and Learnering

Well, that was something! Day one in my SOE and I’m in love with the profession!


I didn’t want to start this blog until I had at least been into a classroom in which I was not a student. Today, I followed an incredibly helpful young Year 7 boy (who I shall call Speckles) around a school in urban Liverpool (that I will call HOLYSHITTHISPLACEISHUGE) and have gained my first insight into teaching.


The day started well with only one minor mishap, the people in my hostel would not stop having sex. Seriously, it went on (with only minor pauses) from 10pm to sometime after 6am. I almost wanted to shake the peoples hand, but then again, I really didn’t. So, sleep deprived and insanely (curious? angry? jealous?) I left for my school that was only 7 minutes away according to my shiny new GPS. To be sure…

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