I’m not being told what to do by an 11 year old!

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I’m on a roll people! I’m sure, in next to know time at all, I’ll look back at these first few blogs and say: “Shut up Barry! You’re deeply irritating!” But, in the mean, time I’ll just drip feed you my pearls of wisdom. Such pearls!

Behaviour – that’s pretty much the number 1 topic of conversation amongst teachers I’d say. I guess it depends upon schools, to an extent, but the teachers I meet, their questions, even if ostensibly about teaching, usually come back to behaviour in some shape or form.

In fact, I’d say so much of what we think of as “innovative pedagogy”, is often about behaviour too. These wonderful new ideas that come along in a blaze of glory, invariably don’t work, and fizzle out like a damp squib, they’re usually about “motivating” or “engaging” kids. Which, I suspect, is code for, “They won’t shut up…

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