Assessment: It’s alright, I have a cunning plan…….

The Grinch Manifesto

“Its OK My Lord, I have a cunning plan.” :408px-Tony_Robinson

It’s 1987/8 we have a blank canvas to create an assessment system to track progress of children, lets look at what we created:

Decision 1: Lets have 8 levels spanning 11 years, from age 6 to age 17, no need to worry about the Reception class. Lets not concern ourselves with the focus of years 10&11 being upon GCE/GCSE.

Decision 2: No one will ever want to verify progress within a level, and besides, the statements are so eloquent they will be treated as a whole.

Brilliant, what could possibly go wrong?

It’s 2013, lets look back at all the sticking plasters, bits of string and elastic bands that have taken place since 1987:

(my chronology is correct here, I began teaching in 1997, some parts are hard to verify with links on Saturday morning when the British Lions are…

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