So, farewell then, National Curriculum Levels…

Distant Ramblings on the Horizon

Some very short thoughts and some questions on the demise of levels.

  1. Quo  vadis KS2 SATS? I mean, if there’s no such thing as nationally benchmarked levels, what’s the point?
  2. How will we know if the new “GCSEs” have had a positive/negative/no effect if we can’t correlate their outcomes with a national benchmark earlier in the system?
  3. Progress measures – what will Ofsted use?
  4. Someone’s going to have to re-engineer the Ofsted Dashboard.
  5. Bye bye FFT?
  6. Commercially it’s going to be a bun-fight with everyone selling their own assessment schemas.
  7. Makes the introduction of non-NC linked technology systems easier ( *innocentface*
  8. Potentially creates some problems for teachers moving from school to school – having to learn a whole new assessment schema.

Even though I am, as my colleague (correctly) described me today, an analytical type who likes to categorise and order things (and I still say it was meant…

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