Eight sleeps to go until the Summer Institute


As the 2013 cohort are buzzing with questions, I thought I’d ask a second year participant to share some words of wisdom. She very kindly obliged.

It’s a week until the Summer Institute what should I be doing?

Getting as much sleep as possible. You do really long days and then you have a lot of preparation work to do in the evening. You’ll also want to spend evenings socialising so Summer Institute is definitely not good for sleeping!

Use the last week to get to know people on your subject Facebook page, as you’ll be spending lots of time with them. They will become your support network during Summer Institute, and your flatmates/confidants/therapists come September.

The S.I. timetable looks intense. Is there much time for socialising in the evenings?

It’s important you make time for it. By all means go out for a drink after classes, as you’ll need…

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