Damaged Children: Emma & Molly

The Modern Miss

Emma was known throughout the school.

Staff, parents and pupils all knew that she could be unpredictable and violent. She was only in Year 4, but quite tall and strong for her age, and with a fierce determination to inflict damage when she felt inclined. Unfortunately, this inclination increased as time went on.

Emma’s parents didn’t want to believe there was a problem. She was the eldest, and in their eyes, she could do no wrong. It had taken three years of meetings, letters home and anxious phone calls before they had agreed that Emma needed an IEP. It was another year before her parents would allow her to be assessed for autism.

In that time she had caused numerous problems in her class, yet it was largely left to the class teachers to deal with. And very often they couldn’t deal with it effectively, partly because for a long…

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