The Cylons are coming!!

Your Mileage May Vary

So last August I started worrying about our upcoming Ofsted visit. The GCSE debacle hit us hard and our key indicators tanked. This would mean our Raise report would turn into a red rag to the Ofsted bull. They were coming anyway but now we knew they’d be coming with an agenda and we would no longer have proven track record of results to protect us. From September onwards each Wednesday reached without The Call was like the episode of Batttlestar Galactica where the Cylons attack every 32 minutes – momentary relief but the knowledge that it was about to start all over again.

The results in no way reflected our school or the incredible progress journey made by our pupils. I challenge anyone to spend a day in our school and not fall in love with the atmosphere of success and care which permeates at all levels. We are…

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