A Brief Comment on OFSTED and Teacher Talk

Scenes From The Battleground

One of the recurring themes of my looks at OFSTED has been their blanket hostility to teachers actually talking. OFSTED guidance for PE states that inadequate teaching  involves “too much teacher talk” (from here). My first big trawl through the OFSTED reports found ten different reports complaining that teachers talked too much. Even in an outstanding school teaching can still be criticised because “In a few lessons, teachers talked too much” (from here). This is from an organisation, you may remember, which has no actual guidance as to how much talking is appropriate and, according to their leader (who thinks a “didactic” teacher can be outstanding), doesn’t  require a particular type of teaching.

When I have raised this before, people have suggested that inspectors may simply have observed teachers talking too much in those particular schools, but this still assumes that it is the role of OFSTED to judge quantity…

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