The Importance of Teachers’ Knowledge

Academic Computing

Summary:A recent paper by Sadler et al. looked at what aspects of teachers’ knowledge were important in increasing students’ knowledge. They found that teachers’ subject knowledge was important (and argue that broad, not deep, knowledge is important) but the effect differed depending on whether the specific subject had a common associated misconception. In this case, subject knowledge wasn’t enough — teachers needed to know students’ likely misconceptions in order to have an effect on student knowledge.

Unfortunately, the paper is not available without a journal subscription, so I’m going to give a few more details here. The whole paper is centred on physics — whether it might apply to computing is an interesting question.

The Plan

The hypothesis was two-fold:

  1. Teachers’ knowledge of a physics concept affects gains in students’ knowledge of that concept.
  2. Teachers’ knowledge of common misconceptions of a concept also has an effect on gains in…

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