Teach First-ers Publish E-Book

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Every year, new Teach First participants reinvent the wheel: that is, they often plan and resource 20 or more new lessons a week. Despite ten years of entering classrooms, there is no systematic sharing of our best ideas, examples and resources on how to plan, resource and teach in challenging schools. At best, teachers in schools share piecemeal resources with incoming participants. Huge amounts of institutional knowledge, capacity and know-how have never been shared or stored, but lost. Never shared, that is, until now.

After 12 months of Saturday meetings, with teachers in their first and second and third and sixth years showing unbelievable commitment to the cause, some waking up at 4am, travelling down to London from around the country, from Manchester and Birmingham and Newcastle, we are ready to share our ideas.


We made a few decisions early on that shaped the book. We’d open it up…

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