Blog Post 2: making steps towards the Summer Institute

Apologies for the delay, this was from yesterday but I missed it this morning.

La Petite Prof

Since my first post, I’ve had some great feedback so far – thank you!

It’s 2.5 weeks until the Teach First Summer Institute begins and I can’t believe it but I’m almost ready. I’ve completed my Participation Preparation Work, set up my email account with the Institute of Education and paid for my Occupational Health Assessment. I’ve also got just a few days left of my current job. After 4.5 years, it really does feel like the end of an era. Without being too secretive about what I do, I’ve been lucky enough to work on some amazing events and I will take some fond memories with me when I walk out of those golden gates for the last time. I’m actually finding it a little difficult to hand over my workload – I suppose I’ve got a little possessive over my projects…

I’ve also completed my School Orientation Experience…

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