More OFSTED Good Practice that isn’t

Scenes From The Battleground

I have blogged before about the OFSTED good practice videos and how they, at best, show a very limited range of often mediocre practice, and at worst, show some really trendy rubbish (flip cameras are “essential in all English departments”). In the guestpost below, Elizabeth, an independent consultant for the teaching of reading, whose synthetic phonics based training has been approved by the DfE for match-funding writes about a couple of films I haven’t mentioned so far.

Dear Andrew

A couple of people have suggested I contact you about some films on the Ofsted website that I and others are concerned about, in case you can help. We have tried to get them removed since January. They disappeared for a few weeks after that, but now they are back again. Ofsted officials have been polite and offered further discussion in the autumn, but that is too late.

The films are called, Literacy:…

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