Meta-active Thinking

Making Learners Extraordinary ™

When was the last time that you thought about thinking? For most of us, thinking is something that we “just do”. It is a passive response to outside stimuli that is unregulated and that we are not conscious of. That’s why, at the Extraordinary Learning Foundation™, we call this ‘Passive Thinking’.

Passive thinking is everywhere. Some teachers even think that passive thinking is a aim of education; just imagine all those drill-and-kill arithmetic exercises. Nothing could be more passive!

But what if you could be more active in your thinking? Even better, what if you could actively monitor your thinking so that you are always deploying the best type of thinking to the problem available, rather than the haphazard thinking of chance? In a world of digital natives and emergent technologies, the careers of the future will be built around thinking. Surely, it is time that we concentrated more on…

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